Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake with No Oil

At last….. the long awaited cake recipe! Seriously, my new fav. ❤️

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake with No Oil (Adapted from “Isa Does It” cookbook)

3 c. All purpose flour

1/2 c. Unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tea. Baking powder 

1 tea. Baking soda

1/2 tea. Salt

1 c. Granulated sugar

1 c. Unsweetened applesauce 

*1 c. Almond milk or your favorite nondairy milk

*1/3 c. Pumpkin

1 T. Pure vanilla extract 

2 c. Shredded zucchini 

1 c. Enjoy Life chocolate chips or another brand of semi-sweet

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease a 12 c. Bundt pan and set aside. 

In a large bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Mix in the sugar. 

Make a well in the center and add the applesauce, milk, pumpkin, and vanilla. Use a whisk to mix the wet ingredients together in the well and then incorporate the wet and dry ingredients until well combined. Add chocolate chips.  Fold in the zucchini. Check consistacy and if batter is too thick add a little more milk. 

Pour into the prepared pan. Bake for about 60 min (a butter knife inserted into the center should come out clean). 

Let cool for 10 min or so, then invert it onto a cooling rack to let cool completely. 

*original recipe called for 3/4 c. Almond milk and 1/2 c. Canola oil. Addition of chocolate chips was ours :). It’s yummy!

For the ganache:

1/4 c. Almond milk

2 T. Pure maple syrup

6 oz. semisweet chocolate chopped or chocolate chips

Bring the almond milk to a roaring boil in a small saucepan. Add the maple syrup. Turn off the heat and whisk in the chocolate chips until totally melted and smooth. 

Place the cooling rack over the sink so that excess ganache falls into the sink and not all over the counter. As you can see, we just poured ours over the cake and let it pool in the middle. Yum!. Let it set before slicing and serving. 

This girl knows how to bake!

Friend Friday Guest Post–Emily Mathews

I’m so excited to introduce my guest post for this Friday–EMILY MATHEWS!!! I first met Emily in a sewing class I took at Dixie State University many years ago, and she is one talented seamstress. I was always so impressed with her talent and with her smiling face :)–always happy. Such an example to all of us!

Emily Mathews is a native of Springville, Utah, but she and her husband have been married for nearly 11 years and have called Southern Utah home for just as long. They live in Little Valley where they are raising their family of three beautiful children. Her family describes her as adventurous, fun, loving, selfless and unsatisfied. 🙂 She is always seeking to better herself, learn something new or do something more for others in need. She is a wife, mother, cosmetologist and amateur baker/cook. She loves to make yummy food and her family loves to help her eat it! She has always enjoyed trying new recipes but also has her tried and true favorites that never disappoint. One such recipe is this Glazed Lemon Blueberry Coffee (bundt) Cake!

Glazed Lemon Blueberry Coffee (bundt) Cake


Nonstick cooking spray

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature

2 cups granulated sugar

4 large eggs, room temperature

2 1/2 tablespoons freshly grated lemon zest (from 4 large lemons)

2 1/2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 2 lemons)

3 cups plus 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon coarse salt

1 cup buttermilk

1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries (9 ounces)


1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar

1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 4 lemons)

2 teaspoons freshly grated lemon zest (from 1 lemon)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees with rack in center of oven. Generously spray a nonstick 10-inch (14-cup) Bundt pan with nonstick cooking spray; set aside. 

In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream butter and sugar on medium speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition, and scraping down sides of bowl. Stir in lemon zest and juice. Whisk together 3 cups flour, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl. 

Add flour mixture to the butter mixture in 3 additions, alternating with the buttermilk, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients. Toss blueberries with remaining tablespoon flour to coat. Gently fold blueberries into batter.

Transfer batter to prepared pan, smoothing top with a rubber spatula.  

Bake until a tester or wooden skewer inserted into the center comes out clean, and the cake has begun to pull away from the sides of the pan, about 1 1/4 hours.  Transfer pan to a wire rack to cool for 45 minutes.  Meanwhile, prepare glaze. In a small bowl, whisk together sugar, lemon juice, and zest until smooth; set aside.

Invert the cake onto a rack. Prick the surface all over with a wooden skewer. 

Brush the glaze over the surface of the cake and let cool completely. Store wrapped well in plastic wrap for up to 2 days at room temperature.

Enjoy!! I can’t wait to try this!!


I’m so excited to post this guest post!!  Heidi has been one of my dear friends for many years.  She is a wife and an incredible mother to FIVE very handsome boys.  She is a master cook, an incredible runner (one really fit chick 🙂 and just one of the sweetest friends you’ll ever meet.  Also, no matter what happens to her in life, she always has a smile on her face :).  Also, Heidi has some amazing gluten free recipes and they are sooooo good.  Thanks so much for this post Heidi!  You’re a sweetie!

Here’s the scoop from dear Heidi :).carrotcakeonplate1

This is one of my favorite treats! I haven’t been a huge gluten free treat lover, but since I was diagnosed with celiac a little over a year ago I have tried a lot of gluten free treats and many of them are ok but not great. But not this one! It’s one even my family will eat and you can’t tell it’s gluten free.  I got this recipe from a friend, Crystal Boren.
Here are all the ingredients that go into  making the cake:


1 cup white sugar
 1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
 3 Eggs
2  cups Bob’s Red Mill 1 to1 Gluten Free Flour
1 1/2  teaspoons baking powder
1  teaspoon baking soda
1/2  teaspoon salt
1  tablespoon cinnamon
1/2  cup buttermilk
1  tablespoon pure vanilla extract
2  cups carrots, finally shredded
1/4  cup unsweetened applesauce
1/2 cup  sweet coconut flakes
1. Preheat oven to 350°
2.  Grease 2 (9 inch) cake pans and set aside
3.  In a large bowl cream together oil, sugars, and eggs.
4.  In a separate bowl whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon.
5.  Gradually add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, alternating with buttermilk.
6. Mix until just fully combined. Be careful not to over mix.
7.  Fold in shredded carrots. I like to shred my carrots in my vita mix because it’s easy.
8.  Also fold in the applesauce, coconut flakes and vanilla extract.
9.  Pour batter evenly into prepared pan’s.
10.  Bake about 25 minutes until center is set. Do not over bake! Mine usually takes about 28 minutes but check it after 23 minutes.
11.  Put cake directly into freezer to cool.
12.  While cakes are cooling prepare the frosting.
These are the ingredients that are used:
Ingredients for the frosting and you can double the recipe if you like the thicker layer of frosting :
8 oz.  Cream Cheese,  room temperature
 4 tablespoons of room temperature butter
 2 cups  confectioners sugar
1  teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Chopped walnuts, optional

1. First cream together the room temperature butter and room temperature cream cheese. I like to use Greek cream cheese because it has less fat and more protein.

2.  Add in the confectioners sugar and vanilla extract.
3.  Mix until silky and creamy. Add more sugar if the thicker texture is needed.
4.  When cakes are cool remove them from the pans and frost, sprinkling the tops with walnuts.
Yes the finished cake is on a different platter because it fell off of my cake stand, so frost with care–haha.  And WaLa! It’s delicious!