Kitchen Favorites

Who doesn’t like kitchen gadgets, well, I call them gadgets because I just really like that word LOL. Today, I thought I would share some of my kitchen favorites that I use nearly every day.

Going from left to right…..

Eggsact Eggtimer


As you can probably tell, this little beauty gets used a lot around here.  We love our boiled eggs and this cooks them “EGGSACT”LY right :).  You just put this baby right in the water with your eggs and as the eggs cook, you will see a dark line go up on the timer.  Just remove them from the heat when the eggs are cooked to your liking, drain the water and remove timer and put room temp water in with your eggs while they cool.  I am told the shells remove easier this way, but the jury is out on that one ha.

The Grater/Zester






My daughter, Bri, got this for me for Christmas and I LOVE IT!  It grates Parmesan cheese and coconut and zests citrus like nobody’s business.  It’s my new fav!







These have been two long time favs.  The lower blue tube gadget is for peeling garlic.  You just pop that garlic bulb in the tube and roll it around a few times and viola!!  Peeled garlic!!  I then use the garlic press to mince the garlic for recipes.  It really is the best!






Kitchen Sheers



Good kitchen sheers are a must for any kitchen.  These are my very fav though and I’ve had numerous brands.  These are Wusthof brand and are by far the most sharp and most durable that I have had to date.  Now, if I can just keep my fam from using them for other cutting needs. LOL






Cutting Mats

cuttingmatsMy hubs got these for Christmas a couple of years ago and they are the best.  They are light weight and if you put a little water on the counter and then place the mat on top of it, it wont slide around (note to self: submit this tip to the Cook’s Illustrated magazine :).  Also, cross contamination is eliminated because there is a different mat for veggies, fish and meat.   It’s the best and are very inexpensive.  You can get some at TJ Max for a really great deal.


Knife Sharpener and Knife



As mentioned in a previous post, a dull knife is a dangerous knife, so make sure you keep your knives sharp.  The orange gadget is my knife sharpener, but there are many others out there that probably do just as good.  This one is a keeper though and works well.  This knife is a fav and so very sharp.  I got this one at the Harmon’s cooking school when I took a class called, “Knife Skills.”  The chefs have some mad cutting skills and really are the best around, so if you get a chance, go take that class.  It’s a tad pricy, but it will do wonders for your own skills and you come away with a nice knife :).




Silicone Cookie Mats


These babies make the world of difference when baking cookies.  I really was skeptical of them at first, but after I used them, there was no question that they were going to be a fav.  They make my cookies bake up so nicely and I don’t have to use parchment paper any longer.  You can get these on Amazon for a good price.


Thanks for reading and I hope you find some things helpful :).  Let me know of any gadgets that I don’t have that you love.  I would love to know.  Love me some kitchen gadgets :).