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Ahhhh the dreaded task of meal planning.  I remember 15 years ago when my kids were little (WOW, that makes me feel so old haha), my sister-in-law, Tami, and I would meet at McDonald’s every week, let the kids eat (ewww) and play and go to work meal planning.  We would bring recipe books galore and 3×5 cards, so we could share recipes, make a meal plan and write out our grocery list.  It would take us at least a couple of hours and that wasn’t even doing the grocery shopping! The feeling of checking that off our weekly to-do list was quite a sense of accomplishment and it still is, but now there is an easier way and I mean waaaaay easier.  Hurray for technology!!!  A few years ago my neighbor told me about this awesome new site she was using for meal planning and that if I joined, we could be friends and could have access to each other’s recipes.  Well, this was a no brainer for me because my neighbor was one of the best cooks and I wanted her recipes!!  It has made my life so much easier and I have an offer for you from my favorite site :).  I seriously LOVE this site!!  It’s so simple to use.  Here is the link to get a special trial offer from them.   Plan to Eat  Try it out yourself and see if it works for you.  You can upload recipes from different blogs, key in your own recipes, plan out your weekly menu and also have your grocery list done for you.  Lickity split!!

Now let’s talk a bit more about meal planning…………

A few weeks ago, I did a short presentation for the local girls biking club on healthy meal planning, so I thought I would share that with you. Click on the link and you may find some ideas to help.

Healthy Meal Planning 

Here is a recipe that I tried this week that was sooooo awesome!!  I also uploaded it to my plan to eat account and shared it and, of course, it’s from one of my favorite cookbooks right now “Isa Does It :).  I served it with roasted veggies and brown rice.  I liked crumbling the tempeh up so a little bit was in every bite.  It would also be good crumbled up on a salad too.  Delicious!

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Garlicky Thyme Tempeh


Course: Main Course

Cuisine: Asian

Main Ingredient: Tempeh

Serves: 4 Scale


  • 8 oz tempeh
  • For the marinade:
  • 2 T soy sauce (or tamari)
  • 4 cloves garlic smashed
  • 12 C veggie broth
  • 2 T white balsalmic vinegar (or 1 tablespoon regular balsamic)
  • 3 T fresh lemon juice
  • 14 C fresh thyme leaves whole, soft stems roughly chopped
  • 2 T olive oil (optional)


  1. If your tempeh is a rectangle: slice it into 2 squares. Slice those squares into two thin squares across the middle, sort of like a clamshell. Now slice each square corner to corner, into triangles. You should have 8 thin triangles.
  2. If your tempeh is square: slice in half into two rectangles. Slice each rectangle across the middle, sort of like a clamshell. Then slice in half, into squares. You should have 8 thin squares.
  3. Steam the tempeh for 10 minutes. It’s going to smell like baking bread!
  4. In the meantime, mix all mariande ingredients together in a big bowl. When tempeh is ready, transfer it directly into the marinade.
  5. Let marinate for 1 to 4 hours, flipping occasionally.
  6. To grill:
  7. Preheat lightly oiled grill on medium high (indoor or outdoor). Cook tempeh for 5 minutes on each side, flipping with a metal spatula, so that it doesn’t stick. Tip: rub thyme and garlic on each side. Some will fall off, but not all of it.
  8. To broil:
  9. Preheat broiler. Keeping a close eye, broil tempeh on a baking sheet places 2 to 3 inches away from flame. 3 to 5 minutes each side. Baste with some of the liquid when you flip.
  10. Serve immediately!

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