These are a Few of My Favorite Things :)

I hope you have all had an amazing week! Memorial Day was wonderful here in St. George–flags were out, weather was beautiful and it was just a great day to get outside.

Today I want to share with you 7 of my favorite items in the kitchen. Ready? Let’s GO!

  1. Williams Sonoma (one of my favorites) Goldtouch Pans! These pans have a nonstick coating that is so easy to clean and the heat distribution is spot on! I bought the 9 x 13 size of these to try it out and I loved it so much I ordered more. Here is a set from Williams Sonoma for $99, which is a great deal for these pans. Here is the link:

2. Baking Sheet Mats. I LOVE these to make cookies or to roast veggies. I just put these on top of the cookie sheet and it makes for easy clean up! If you have not used these for baking cookies, you should give them a try. Your cookies will cook evenly, especially combined with the Goldtouch pans. You can get these on Amazon or at your local Costco, they have a set you can get for a great deal. Here is the link for the ones on Amazon.

3. Mixing Bowls. These mixing bowls were recommended by one of my favorite whole food plant-based bloggers, If you have not visited his blog, I highly suggest you do. I LOVE his recipes and his recommendations for kitchen supplies. These bowls are great! I like the rubber on the bottom too so they don’t slip. Here is the link on Amazon for the bowls.

4. Copper Nonstick Crisper Basket with Baking Pan. This pan is very well used and loved haha. I roast veggies on this, bake tofu, or anything you would put in an air fryer, put on this! It acts just like an air fryer but it works in your oven. It IS WONDERFUL!! Your life will be so much easier with this pan in it. Here is the Amazon link:

5. OXO 2 Angled Measuring Cup. This measuring cup is so handy when it comes to measuring liquids and it is big enough that if I am making a sauce and measuring the first ingredient, I just make the sauce in the measuring cup. It’s awesome!! I love the measuring gradients as well. It’s the best! Amazon link is here:

6. Mesh Strainers. These are a game changer. I love the three sizes. They just come in handy and are the best for washing quinoa. The Amazon link is here:

Well, that’s it folks! I hope you love some of these items in your kitchen too. Have a great week!



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