Luscious Leftovers–Asian Pork Tenderloin Stir Fry 

You know the yummy Asian Pork Tenderloin recipe that I shared yesterday? I had the leftover meat from that and also the peanut sauce. I created a delicious stir fry with some fried rice. 

Here’s the scoop:


4 — 5 C. broccoli

1/3 small bag of slivered carrots

2 eggs

Left over peanut sauce

Leftover pork Tenderloin 

A little butter


Okay, let’s get real here……… I love Diet Coke but I didn’t put it in this recipe. LOL. Maybe someday I will. Oh, and if you don’t own this glass snapwear that Costco sells,  you’re missing out. It’s seriously my favorite for storing leftovers. 

Cut the leftover pork into chunks. I like them kind of bigger, but you can cut them however you please. 

First, I steamed my broccoli for 5 min and threw the carrots in after about 3 min. You can either do it this way or you can add olive oil to the pan and stir fry the broccoli and carrots. I steamed them to make it a bit faster. I was HUNGRY!!

Add the veggies to the pork and heat. Thin the peanut sauce with a few tablespoons of water, stir, and add to broccoli stir fry and heat on medium high until hot. 

Put the rice in a nonstick pan and push it to one side. Put a dab of butter in the pan and add two whisked eggs in pan. I like to let the eggs set on medium high heat until they kind of look a bit solid, but don’t burn them. Turn them and break into chunks. It’s okay if a bit of rice gets in the raw egg mixture, just cook it in with the eggs. 

Yum!! Now let’s put it together. 

Top with peanuts. Enjoy!! 

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