Meatless Monday–Dutch Oven Southwest Potato and Egg Bake

Last weekend we were in Portland to see our oldest daughter and her family. She has twin boys that are so ADORBS!! I know, I know, I’ve been spending so much time being grandma lately and I seriously need two of myself. LOL. My daughter is a dietician and I’m so excited to have her as a guest for a blog post soon.  I would love to have a question and answer session, so if you have a dietetics question, please email it to and she’s our gal to answer!! I love learning about the body and nutrition and I would love your input for this segment. 

Are they adorable or what?!!! They eat mostly vegetarian, and love it when I cook meatless meals for them, so this is what I came up with after looking at the ingredients that she had on hand. I went with a Mexican flare because of the whole Cinco de Mayo thing haha.

The inspiration for this recipe goes all the way back to the 90’s when we lived in Omaha, NE and my hubby was going to dental school at Creighton University.  We loved this restaurant called “The Garden Cafe.” They had the most delicious potato casseroles, but I decided to name my recipe a “bake” instead of a “casserole.”  I don’t know why but casserole does not sound too appetizing lol, but they were so amazing and the menu had such a variety to choose from that it turned out to be one of our favs! So here it is…..

Mexican Potato and Egg Bake


3 large green onions including tops, sliced (separate bright green tops from the rest)

Just look at these local beauties!! They were so huge!! Loved using local ingredients!

2 T. butter

1 clove garlic

4 med white potatoes

8 large eggs, whisked together

1 can chopped green chilies 

1 can vegetarian refried beans or black beans or pinto

1 tea. cumin

1 tea. chili powder

1/2 tea. red pepper flakes

Salt and pepper

2 c. cheddar cheese

Sour cream


Flour tortillas (optional)

Preheat oven to 350. 

Thinly slice potatoes and green onion. 

Mix eggs, salt and pepper, and can of green chiles, set aside. 
In a Dutch oven or heavy pan, sauté onions, garlic and potatoes in butter. Salt and pepper to your liking.  Cook for 10 min on medium high until outer edges of potatoes are slightly done. Cooked bacon would be delicious in this too, just sayin’ :). 

Add beans, cumin, chili powder, and chili flakes. Mix it in well and keep on heat until mixed (around 5 min). 

Remove from heat and pour egg mixture on top of potatoes and then sprinkle with the green part of the onion.  Bake with lid for 20 min then remove lid and cook 10-12 min. more or until egg is not runny but don’t bake too long because you will have dry eggs and that’s not good either. I like to check it after 30 min and then increase 5 min at a time. 

Add cheese and cover with lid. Let cool. 

I always love to serve some greens with a meal. These greens were also Portland fresh and were seriously the best!

These two were not into the meal so the thought occurred to me, “Why not wrap it up in a tortilla?” It was a hit!! I loved it that way too!! I hope you enjoy it too! Hugs to all!

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