Quick and Easy Salmon

Hey Y’all! I’m still here. I’ve just been busy with welcoming this new little grand daughter into the world and helping with her adorable big brother. Seriously, grand children are the spice of life (no pun intended ha :). 

Isn’t she ADORABLE!!!  We all have so much love for her all ready and are so happy she’s finally here!! She’s perfect and her big brother is just as adorable. 

Now that we have the fun stuff out of the way, let’s move on to my next recipe to share. Lately, I’ve had limited time so I’ve opted for some of the quickest recipes that I can come up with. This idea came from a good friend’s daughter and I thought I would use it for a salmon marinade. It’s super simple–2 ingredient simple! Ready???

3/4 c. Low sodium soy sauce

1/4 c. sugar (you could probably sub part of this with honey if you’re trying to watch your sugar intake)

I like the salmon from Costco but if you live someplace where you can get fresh salmon, that’s best :)! Harmons has great salmon too. 

Mix together and place salmon portions in marinade. I let that sit for a 5-10 min and then I started some quinoa. 

I like cooking my quinoa in chicken broth. It’s so much more tasty! Make sure you rinse the quinoa before cooking it. If you don’t, you will get a bitter flavor and it’s nasty. Want to ask me how I know that? LOL. I just subbed out the chicken broth for the water on the cooking instructions on the package. 

Once the salmon is done marinating for a bit, I put a little olive oil in a pan and cook the salmon. Depending on the thickness of the salmon, the time will vary. I like cooking the first side around 4 min until it’s looking nice and brown. You could also grill it or some times I use my panini maker to cook it. Turn the salmon and cook the other side to your liking, just make sure you don’t get it too done. It gets dry and isn’t as good. I cooked mine for another 4 minutes and then I had one piece that was a bit more thick so I had to leave that one on for a minute longer. 


Also, tomorrow is my Friend Friday guest post that you won’t want to miss!! AND how many of you have tried Christina’s Overnight Oats recipe? It’s turned out to be my morning favorite. I now have it every morning for breakfast– it’s like having a breakfast treat!! My new fav! 

If any of you have a favorite recipe to share, I would love to have you as a guest for my Friend Friday post.  Please email me at itsapegslife@gmail.com. I would love it!!

Hugs to all!

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