Late Night :) Friend Friday–Risotto

Late night Friend Friday post–HOLLAH!  SOOOOOO my late night friend is the one and only –DANE BOREN :)!!!  I figured it would be fitting to highlight him first, since he is my hubs and my number one :).  AND it’s his b-day next week and he’ll be 39 years young. LOL.

Dane is a dentist, an amazing dad and grandpa to 3 grandsons (and 2 grand daughters coming soon 🙂 a wood worker, a drone enthusiast, a motorcyclist, a man of many hobbies and a perfectionist through and through.  He keeps life–lively :).  I hope you enjoy this recipe from Dane’s kitchen.


One of the many specialities that Dane makes is Risotto.  It is definitely a comfort food, kind of like homemade mac and cheese is for me–a definite splurge, but oh, so worth running that extra mile or 5 for :).


Peggy calls this comfort food and I would agree. It’s one of those foods that make you want “just one more bite”. We learned this recipe from Chef Jackie and Chef Shane at Harmons cooking “school”. It was obvious at first bite that this was going to be a keeper. Risotto takes 30-45 minutes to cook with constant stirring…but…it’s worth it. Somehow all the time consuming recipes full under my watch and for some reason I like it that way. Pay attention to the specifics of the ingredient list because it all matters.


Risotto rice is a low starch rice which makes it uniquely suited to this dish. We’ve tried different brands and all have been great. I believe you are supposed to thoroughly wash/rinse the rice, as you do when making Japanese style rice. However, I forgot to rinse the rice one time and I actually preferred the final texture to the washed versions. The unwashed version seemed to be less mushy and more “separate” than the washed versions. Which was counterintuitive to me.

You really can’t go wrong either way.

WarmBroth_initalRisottoStart by warming/heating the chicken broth so it will be ready. Put 1-11/2 tablespoons butter in a large flat pan (to each cup of risotto rice). Add a tablespoon or more olive oil to raise the burning point of the butter.

rischoppedshallotOnce the butter has melted add the finely chopped shallot and sauté until clear.

DryMixAdd risotto rice and constantly stir on medium to medium + heat, until the outer edge of the rice turns clear. This is a judgement call and can be difficult to judge sometimes (for me anyway) so it’s good to pay attention to the look at the rice from the beginning.

Wet_RisottoAdd about a cup (ladle full) of broth, a sprig of thyme, and stir continuously until all of the broth has been absorbed. Check this by scraping the pan with the spatula. If the “trough” made by the spatula stays dry and no liquid seeps through the edge of the “trough” it’s time for more broth. Add another ladle full of broth and repeat.

risveggiesaddedI sample the rice every so often and when you feel that the rice is about half way cooked add the asparagus and carrots and continue with the broth additions and absorption, one ladle at a time.

CreamWhen you feel like the rice is all but finished, lower the heat a bit and, add the cream and stir until incorporated, and a bit beyond.

cheeseAdd the Parmesiana Reggiano cheese and stir until fully melted and mixed together. Here you can add a little lemon and lemon zest as desired.

PlatedI hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do. As a side note we always cook extra and reheat it throughout the week. This seems to be one of those dishes that reheat very well.

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