A Little About Me

My name is Peggy but all of my friends call me Peg, so that is what I’m going to go with :). I have a love for many things….. first my family is my world.  I have a wonderful husband of 32 years and 5 wonderful children, who are all grown and have lives of their own. My husband has been my biggest supporter throughout the years. He travels with me to races, does some with me :), loves it when I cook a great meal and recently, we have been attending the Harmon’s Cooking School classes and love to cook together. He is a wonderful father and so dedicated to our family. In 2014 we did the St. George Ironman together (top left pics and oh my, look at my honey’s farmer tan LOL), which was crossed off my bucket list, never to be revisited again, haha, never say never.  It was an amazing experience training together and accomplishing that goal. That year, I ran the Boston Marathon in mid-April and 4 1/2 weeks later, did the Ironman with my honey. I don’t recommend doing two big athletic events that close together, but the recovery from the IM was a lot faster than the recovery from the marathon.  The top left pic is one of my honey and I after the IM. We felt great and very accomplished, as this was our first IM.

I have run many marathons and half marathons, the most recent is Dog Town Half Marathon in Washington, UT.  It was a beautiful course and I ran it with my friend, Tia. She and I have blog called, “fitover50.wordpress.com.” We hope to inspire and recognize the running community that are in their “golden years” and highlight several of them, as well as post some of our events.

Another love I have besides my family and active lifestyle is COOKING!! Some of my kids fondest memories are of our meals together. I hope to inspire others to gather around the table more with your family and make it a priority. Nothing is more rewarding to me than gathering all of my family around the table and having a good nutritious meal. We have had so many good moments and memories around our dinner table and I hope to have many more. It’s just a little more difficult now that all of the children are grown and have moved here and there, but when I do get those moments together, it is a cherished one.

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